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ASAE-Endorsed PersonalIZED Newsletter Solution

ASAE-Endorsed AI Communications Solution

Your members engage with your association in different ways. Many of them have attended your live events or online webinars and some are active on social media – but they all use email. Email will always be the most efficient and reliable way to keep in touch with your potential and current members.

We give associations a way to provide a real benefit regularly for their members. And not just regularly, but relevantly.

Most associations send all of their content out to everyone on their list. It becomes a massive collection of information that no one could read in its entirety. The recipients skim to find only the parts that are relevant to them.

We solve the problem of information overload. We can help you deliver the relevant information to each of your individual recipients.

Each recipient of your association’s newsletter gets a unique set of articles specifically chosen for them by our AI. Each individual receives the content that is most relevant to them. When the content is relevant to the reader, they actually want to read it. Engagement rates can’t help but go up when you’re regularly providing the right stuff to the right people.

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  • 20% discount off first year fees.
  • Become your members’ GO-TO news source by delivering Individualized content
  • ASAE-negotiated pricing based on the list size of your membership
  • Absorb valuable insights on your membership engagement trends

rasa.io, the endorsed provider for this solution, is a proud member of the Association Success family of brands, helping associations reach new heights in attaining their missions.



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