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ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution

Join the mobile voting revolution!

Are you looking for a cost-effective, secure alternative to the traditional election process? Are you ready to ditch paper ballot cards? Do you want to increase the participation of eligible voters in your organization’s elections?

The ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution can help!

Our trusted solution provider Votem offers an online voting solution that provides the features and benefits associations need and expect, including:

  • A fault-tolerant distributed database;
  • Integration with leading association management systems, including Aptify, netFORUM, NimbleUser, and Your Membership.
  • immutability (past results cannot be changed);
  • integrity (present results cannot be hacked);
  • consensus to validate new blocks (the access cannot be altered);
  • data transparency (every node with access can see the results);
  • permission-based (only authenticated parties have access);
  • audit trail (every vote can be irrefutably traced to its source); and
  • anonymity (ballots cannot be traced back to the voter).

When you use the ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution you will receive the following unique benefits:

  • An Online Platform Subscription Discount – Votem offers nonprofit pricing and will give a 30% additional discount for ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution customers.
  • Discounted Voter Help Desk Services – ASAE-Endorsed Voting Solution customers will receive a 35% discount when they choose to access on these value-added services.
  • Support for paper ballots and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) (if required) – If your organizations is not ready for a full move to online voting or have members that may not be as technically proficient, Votem can offer a bundled hybrid-service to help your organization make the transition to full online voting at your own pace.

For a complimentary consultation fill out the contact form below or contact Pete Martin at 216-930-4860 or sales@votem.com