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ASAE Investment Management Solution - Brown Advisory
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Brown Advisory’s mission is to build an extraordinary investment firm through first-class investment performance, thoughtful and creative strategic advice and the highest level of client service. With 121 billion in assets and over 300 association clients as of December 31, 2022, Brown Advisory’s group has a proven track record in professional investment management, especially as it relates to the association industry.

“We seek to relieve investment committees of some of the heavy fiduciary burden weighing on them. We serve clients in a variety of ways, from fully discretionary relationships to situations where we act in a more consultative role. While every client and every relationship is different, our pledge is always the same: To help our clients achieve their investment objectives and empower them to fulfill their organizational missions.” – Matt Gray, Portfolio Manager

Through Brown Advisory, ASAE members have access to solutions for assets over $5 Million:

Investment Advice
  • Combination of internally and externally managed strategies that leverage Brown Advisory’s equity, fixed income, private equity and alternatives* research teams
  • Three bucket approach that balances the organization’s core portfolio, operating account and opportunistic allocation to ensure appropriate near-term liquidity, long-term discipline, and all-around flexibility to act on timely investments
Policy Advice
  • Investment Policy Statement development, refinement, and ongoing review and analysis
Strategic Advice
  • Counsel on a wide range of topics beyond traditional investment advice, including association governance, member engagement, values-based investing and more
Mission-Aligned Investing
  • ESG research as a mechanism for measuring investment risk, and as a way to help clients reflect their values and generate impact with their portfolios.
Customized Client Service
  • Custom team-based service model for a high-touch and personal relationship. This includes extensive technology and operations resources that are committed to new solutions based on client feedback and technological innovation.

For more information about Brown Advisory please view the resources below.

For a comprehensive library of Brown Advisory’s thought leadership, please visit:  https://www.brownadvisory.com/us/insights 

Brown Advisory is an independent investment management and strategic advisory firm committed to delivering a combination of first-class performance, strategic advice and the highest level of client service with offices in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Delaware, Frankfurt, London, Nashville, New York, North Carolina, San Francisco, Singapore, Southern California, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The firm’s institutional and private clients are based in 50 states and more than 44 countries and territories and are served by over 800 colleagues worldwide, all of whom are equity owners of the firm. *Prospective investors should be aware that private equity and alternative investments involve a high degree of risk and, therefore, should be undertaken only by investors capable of evaluating such risks of and bearing the risks it represents. There can be no assurance that any investment objectives will be achieved, or that investors will receive a return of their capital. Accordingly, investors should only invest in private equity or alternative investments if such investors are able to withstand a total loss of their investment. Prospective investors should carefully review the matters discussed in the section regarding risk factors contained in the Memorandum relating to any investment opportunity. For full list of disclosures, please visit: https://www.brownadvisory.com/us/disclosures 

For a complimentary consultation, fill out the contact form below or contact Susan Traver at 240-200-3340 or email straver@brownadvisory.com.


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*Your personal information will solely be used to send you information via email or direct mail about this product and will not be added to our database or used for other purposes.

ASAE Investments LLC may receive compensation from Brown Advisory for introducing associations to them for purposes of investing in ASAE Investment Management Solution. The fee will not increase or decrease the cost of the program. ASAE Investments may only transact business in the District of Columbia if licensed, excluded or exempted from the District’s investment adviser or investment adviser representative licensing requirements; and follow-up, individualized responses to persons in this state by the investment adviser or investment adviser representative that involve either effecting or attempting to effect transactions in securities, or rending of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without compliance with the District’s investment adviser or investment adviser representative licensing requirement, or an applicable exemption or exclusion.